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Attention Kaiser Members: COVID-19 Resources for Kaiser Members

Updated: Mar 26

Coronavirus and COVID-19: How to protect yourself and get care

Your health and safety are always our top priority. To help you protect yourself and your loved ones, we’ve gathered the most important information and guidance on the coronavirus and COVID-19. Check back for the latest information as we continue to update this page.

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Stay informed To get email updates on COVID-19, sign in or create a kp.org account and add your email address under Profile & Preferences.

Helpful links

kp.org/register to create a kp.org account and choose a doctor

kp.org/getcare to connect with your care team and get 24/7 advice

kp.org/rxrefill to order prescriptions 

What you need to know

Getting care

Call if you think you have symptoms It’s important to call us first if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms or believe you’ve been exposed. Calling ahead helps us direct you to the most appropriate care, and take precautions to protect other members, patients, and employees. Find your local information for appointments and 24/7 advice on your membership card or at kp.org/getcare.