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Term for Today and Tomorrow

Attractive conversion privileges, allows clients to lock in coverage and later convert

to any permanent product(s) made available by Principal at the time of conversion,

without additional evidence of insurability.

Conversion is available up to the earlier of attained age 70 or the following policy


• 10-Year Term - first 7 years

• 15-Year Term - first 12 years

• 20-Year Term - first 15 years

• 30-Year Term - first 20 years

Extended Conversion Rider extends conversion option to end of the level term period.

Minimum policy amounts at the time of conversion apply. The permanent policy will be

issued at the same or most comparable risk class of the original term policy. Partial term conversions are allowed, providing the remaining term policy and the new policy both meet minimum face amount guidelines.

Two term policies can be converted to one Survivorship Universal Life

(SUL) policy.3. If a Term policy is converted to a permanent policy that offers the Chronic Illness Death Benefit Advance rider, the insured must undergo full underwriting to add this rider.

Conversion is allowed up to twice the face amount of the smaller of the two term policies. Conversion is subject to normal SUL face amount limits at the time of conversion.


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